Farmville 2 Quest Guide "Fall Sale Ahead"

10 September 2019 to 24 September 2019

From 10 September 2019 to 24 September 2019 you can perform quests Fall Sale Ahead.

Hi! The Fall is already looking promising for business! Customers are flowing in by the dozen. Everyone's so excited! How are the baby hedgehogs doing? I hear you're building them a nice home... I wanted to stop by to check on the baby hedgehogs. They were found in my store, after all! You can read more about Quest Guide "Fall Sale Ahead !" and hints in the next pictures.

Fall Sale Ahead 1/8: Give Them a Hedgehug!


Fall Sale Ahead 2/8: One Pretty Store!


Fall Sale Ahead 3/8: Sunny Praise!


Fall Sale Ahead 4/8: An Offer They Can't Refuse!


Fall Sale Ahead 5/8: As The Son Rises!


Fall Sale Ahead 6/8: What Do You Make Of Dish?


Fall Sale Ahead 7/8: The Loyal Treatment!


Fall Sale Ahead 8/8: A Customer of Celebration!

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