Farmville 2 Quest Guide Exchange Season

17 September 2019 to 01 October 2019

From 17 September 2019 to 01 October 2019 you can perform quests Exchange Season .

The Principal of the FarmVille High School asked me to host an exchange student this Fall. I was reluctant at first because I'm always pressed for time, but I thought I could pull it off with your help. The Principal thinks of us as the two most hospitable people in the County, & I can't say I disagree! Your Freesias are so fragrant! Say, aren't fresh flowers a lovely way for a host to welcome her guest? You can read more about Quest Guide " Exchange Season " and hints in the next pictures.

Exchange Season! 1/8: A Host Of Freesias!


Exchange Season! 2/8: Boarder Issues!


Exchange Season! 3/8: Farmer Star!


Exchange Season! 4/8: Class Dismissed!


Exchange Season! 5/8: Trellis Tales!


Exchange Season! 6/8: Flower & Control!


Exchange Season! 7/8: Present-ation Matters!


Exchange Season! 8/8: Photographic Memory!


Recipes in quests Exchange Season

Recipes in Exchange Season

Badges in quests Exchange Season

Badges in Exchange Season
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