Beat Opal's Kingdom!

Complete these tasks in Opal's Kingdom for special rewards and a GRAND PRIZE!

TASK 1: Finish building your Shell Stronghold

Rewards: Win 2000 underwater Points
TASK 2: Master these underwater Crops to Level 3

Lymnorea Bulb

Sea Green Plant

Sea Pen

Peach Blooms

Feather Star

Bubble Tulip

Urchin Pumpkin

Shell Guava

Spiral Carrot

Ribbon Coral

Heart Feather

Star Watermelon

Elk Horn Coral

Jellyfish Mushroom

Sand Dollar Lily

Sunflower Reef

Glowing Thistle

Venus Clam

Starfish Fruit

Pillar Coral

Coral Orange

Tentacle Floweret

Gemstone Pineapple

Salt Water Coral

Iridescent Fishtail

Fordite Apple

Heart Cockle Lily

Lime Green Rose

Rewards: Win 2 Instagrow Potions
TASK 3: Complete all animals in Underwater Arena!

Rewards: Win 5 Unwithers
TASK 4: Have a 5 Star Crafter's Shell!

Rewards: Win 4000 underwater Points
Finish the Opal's Kingdom challenges and win special prizes!
1.Opal's Kingdom License

2.Beat Opal's Kingdom Trophy

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