Beat Jamboree!

Complete these tasks in Long Island Jamboree for special rewards and a GRAND PRIZE!

TASK 1: Finish building your Gold Coast Mansion

Rewards: Win 2000 Jamboree Points
TASK 2: Master these Long Island Jamboree Crops to Level 3

Longan Litchee

Spiky Soursop

Carved Broccoli

Chom Chom

Double Berry

Amaranth Daffodils

Mini Anemone

Royal Begonia

Smiling Canadensis

Mothface Exoticas

Albino Melon

Tahtolla Orange

Jamboree fruit

Water Mango

Wild Hewitt


Gypsy's Rhubarb

Milkweed Seedpod

White Elegance Shroom

Covered Cocho

Boysen Blossom

Twirly Berry

Salty Felonwort

Nectar Hut

Floating Soursop

Pixy Poisonberry

Golden Setad

Spirit Swinies

Rewards: Win 2 Instagrow Potions
TASK 3: Complete all animals in Ostlers Stable!

Rewards: Win 5 Unwithers
TASK 4: Have a 5 Star Donalds Diner!

Rewards: Win 4000 Jamboree Points
Finish the Long Island Jamboree challenges and win special prizes!
1.Long Island Jamboree License

2.Beat Long Island Jamboree Trophy

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