Animals in Legend of Tengguan (Only images)

Lantern Rhino

Island Roamer Ram

Thai Tunic Goat

Fire Ring Wolf

Muay Duck

Ornate Winged Duck

Isle Princess Unicorn

Purple Sash Duck

Isle Princess Unicorn Foal

Mystic Thai Unicorn

Mystic Thai Unicorn Foal

Fool's Gold Peacock

Sparkling Lobsters

Thai Village Cow

Gold Wing Dragon

Bell Shell Turtle

Aqua Webbed Seahorse

Enchantress Deer

Blossoming Horse

Blossoming Foal

Welcome Thai Lemur

Garuda Pegacorn

Garuda Pegacorn Foal

Harpy Pegacorn

Colorful Phoenix

Harpy Pegacorn Foal

Reet Pegacorn Foal

Reet Pegacorn

Green Peacock Dragon

Raaeng Dragon

Casual Cow

Thai Dragon

Casual Calf

Nohk Cow

Nohk Calf

Thai Gold Cow

Thai Gold Calf

Cantaloupe Turtle

Thai Village Calf

Tropical Weave Cow

Tropical Weave Calf

Silver Sabre

Gold Back Turtle

Baby Chimera

Long Neck Giraffe

Gold Spiral Giraffe

Sea Striped Pegasus

Flame Fox Kit

Harvest Goddess Ferret

Sea Striped Pegasus Foal

Thai Fashioned Chicken

Spiral Necklace Giraffe

Carrier Hippo

Lotus Bloom Turtle

Farming Cow

Farming Calf

Crowned Bangkaew Dog

Kra Chang Turtle

Thai Dancer Chicken

Cloudy Deer

Cloudy Fawn

Mythical Turtle

Monk Dog

Thai Ridgeback

Thai Golden Elephant

Thai Seapony

Adorned Monkey

Daily Bell Monkey

Flower Balance Monkey

Thai Tourist Chicken

Siam Princess Pegacorn

Headdress Goose

Siam Princess Pegacorn Foal

Ritual Buffalo

Elemental Balance Pegacorn

Tropical Polka Pig

Wai Thai Pig

Summer Seal

Elemental Balance Pegacorn Foal

Chai Horse

Chai Foal

Glowing Lotus Horse

Glowing Lotus Foal

Isle Wedding Horse

Isle Wedding Foal

Orchid Umbrella Horse

Orchid Umbrella Foal

Seuk Horse

Seuk Foal

Thair Culture Horse

Thair Culture Foal

Tropic Tangerine Horse

Tropic Tangerine Foal

Effigy Deer

Effigy Fawn

Elemental Shard Pegacorn

Airavata Elephant

Flower Elephant

Elemental Shard Pegacorn Foal

Dwarf Rainbow Whale

Thai Alpaca

Warrior Crocodile

Quilled Elephant

Tropic Hat Frog

Royal Orchid Elephant

Festive Dressed Bear

Traditional Bear

Hay Chicken

Jade Chicken

Suay Chicken

Thai Crown Chicken

Princess Cat

Summer Splash Elephant

Water Festival Elephant

White Elephant

Windy Pegasus

Windy Pegasus Foal

Bejeweled Horns Deer

Bejeweled Horns Fawn

Thai Crowned Dolphin

Muay Thai Gorilla

Tiara Peacock

Crowned Dolphin

Enchantress Fawn

Golden Swan

Regal Spirit Deer

Regal Spirit Fawn

Thai Collage Deer

Thai Collage Fawn

Suvannamaccha Dolphin

1000 Hand Octopus

Thai Temple Peacock

White Angel Fish

Reclining Lava Tiger

Dragon Turtle

Yang Deer

Yang Fawn

Yin Deer

Yin Fawn

Thai King Duck

Temple Guardian Bull Calf

Temple Guardian Bull

Regal Alpaca

Orange Fan Peacock

Serpent Crown Duck

Gold Laced Peacock

Nang Kwak Stork

Muay Thai Kangaroo

Eastern Hydra

Golden Gerenuk

Gold Leaf Pangolin

Guardian Tapir

Singing Siamang

Kinaris Peacock

Windrider Rabbit

Golden Thai Pegasus

Golden Thai Pegasus Foal

Thai Crown Horse

Thai Crown Foal

Rice Farmer Panda

Umbrella Panda

Drum Gorilla

Holy Temple Unicorn

Eastern Warrior Gorilla

Holy Temple Unicorn Foal

Monk Gorilla

Banteng Bull Calf

Banteng Bull

Thai Warrior Bull Calf

Thai Warrior Bull

Traditional Bull Calf

Traditional Bull

Ember Baby Griffon

Golden Spiral Sheep

Tropic Sheep

Tropical Waves Sheep

Tropic Fever Sheep

Siamese Bird

Curly Lion

Golden Singha

Cute Thai Bear

Thai Beauty Penguin

Isle Archer Penguin

Phi Ta Khon Tiger

Rajasi Lion

Colored Flame Pegasus

Colored Flame Pegasus Foal

Dragon Winged Pegasus

Dragon Winged Pegasus Foal

Jao Pegasus

Jao Pegasus Foal

Khiaao Pegasus

Khiaao Pegasus Foal

Khon Mask Pegasus

Khon Mask Pegasus Foal

Multi Winged Pegasus

Multi Winged Pegasus Foal

Pyro Gold Pegasus

Pyro Gold Pegasus Foal

Lightning Pegasus

Lightning Pegasus Foal

Harvest Crest Goat

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