Decorations in The Frontier Trail (Only Images)

Ancient Column

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Woodsman Canoe

Antique Cannon

Colonial Infantry Band

Frontier Smithy

Island Watchtower

Delivery Caravan

Frontier Train Station

Frontier Double Points Statue

Farriers Tavern


Frontier Windmill

Flower Barrel

Gazebo Bar

Doctor's Wagon

The Frontier Trail

Birdie Boot House

Log Carrier

Hardy Home


Lumber House

Frontier Barnhouse

Colonial Stonemason

Hay Wagon

Colonial Water Tank

Barr Ale Saloon

Bear Fishing

Unwither Ring

Boat Mill

Beat Trophy

Bear Nap

Rocky Pond

Mining Station

Mule Millstone

Old Hitching Post

Boot Fountain

Frontier Fence

Cabbose House

Owl House

Honey Lovers

Canoe Pals

Frontier Outpost

Cow Poke Haystack

Frontier Sawmill

Horeseshoe Fence

Lasso Fence

New Frontier Well

Town Water Tower

Tent Treehouse

Western Patio Set

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Settler Fruit Cart

Settlers Hut

Cowboy Shoerack

Settlers Wagon

Apple Pickin' Egg

Colonial Soldier Egg

Steam Engine Train

Frontier Fashion Egg

Prarie Hike Egg

Regiment Soldier Egg

Wheat Farmer Egg

Unwither Ring

Rocking Banjo Chair

Train Tracks Moat

Train Tracks Moat II

Train Tracks Moat III

Package of The Frontier Trail Treasure Parts

Vegetable Market

Trade Mart

Train Tracks Moat IV

Train Tracks Moat V

Teepee Island Picnic

Hay Barn

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring Pack

Tonic Store Wagon

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Train Tracks Moat VI

Wooden Log Raft

Unwither Ring

Wooden Settler Boat

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Pioneers Windmill

Unwither Ring

Raccoon Noon

Frontier Colony Arch

Frontier Musician

Town Sheriff

West Water Wagon

Frontier Signpost

Frontier Stage Coach

Pack of Treasure Parts!

Frontier Woodshop

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