Crops in The Frontier Trail

CropBushelCost In CoinsCoinXp GainTime(Hrs.)MasteryMin. LevelTerrain

Wood Avens

Wood Avens Bushel
195275218 Hours600/1200/180015

Yellow Sunchoke

Yellow Sunchoke Bushel
285415216 Hours800/1400/200015

Blushed Jicama

Blushed Jicama Bushel
175260212 Hours600/1200/180015

Amaranth Flower

Amaranth Flower Bushel
405625224 Hours800/1400/200015

American Persimmon

American Persimmon Bushel
20030024 Hours600/1200/180015

American Lotus

American Lotus Bushel
150210224 Hours600/1200/180015Water

Canna Lily

Canna Lily Bushel
405625224 Hours800/1400/200015

Bitter Vetch

Bitter Vetch Bushel
20030024 Hours600/1200/180015

Blue Curls

Blue Curls Bushel
18026023 Days600/1200/180015

Blue Elderberry

Blue Elderberry Bushel
17025026 Hours300/600/120015


Maygrass Bushel
220315218 Hours600/1200/180015

Cow Lily

Cow Lily Bushel
195275210 Hours600/1200/180015Water

Gold Acorn

Gold Acorn Bushel
210305210 Hours600/1200/180015


Graviola Bushel
17525528 Hours600/1200/180015

Pinion Pine Nut

Pinion Pine Nut Bushel
190260212 Hours600/1200/180015

Pink Lemonade Berries

Pink Lemonade Berries Bushel
16023026 Hours300/600/120015

Purple Soursop

Purple Soursop Bushel
255405216 Hours800/1400/200015

Red Agave

Red Agave Bushel
255405216 Hours800/1400/200015


PawPaw Bushel
15030034 Hours600/1200/180015

Red Mayhaw

Red Mayhaw Bushel
115165210 Mins300/600/120015

River Spinach

River Spinach Bushel
17525528 Hours600/1200/180015Water

Vibrant Kale

Vibrant Kale Bushel
16023026 Hours300/600/120015


Sapote Bushel
110160210 Mins600/1200/180015

Scarlet Fig

Scarlet Fig Bushel
125200215 Mins600/1200/180015


Serviceberry Bushel
135210231 Mins600/1200/180015

Water Mint

Water Mint Bushel
175255231 Mins600/1200/180015Water


Sesame Bushel
175255231 Mins600/1200/180015

Water Wasabi

Water Wasabi Bushel
175240212 Hours300/600/120015Water

Sugar Cranberry

Sugar Cranberry Bushel
19540022 Days800/1400/200015Water


Ulluco Bushel
230345216 Hours600/1200/180015

White Cherimoya

White Cherimoya Bushel
18526028 Hours300/600/120015

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