Land Expansions for cash in The Frontier Trail

NamePriceTerrainReward 1Reward 2

Rider's Ridge
99 CashLand
White Oak Tree

Prarie Hike Chicken

Woodsman's Orchard
99 CashLand
Frontier Saloon

Spanish Frontier Rooster

Buffalo Spring
99 CashWater
Wandering Native Walrus

Island Watchtower

Maiden's Garden
99 CashLand
Prarie Maid Cat

Honey Lovers

Spirit Lake
99 CashWater
Boat Mill

Bear Fishing

Grizzly Forest
109 CashLand
Colonist Captain Bear

Commander Lion

Bootstrapers' Range
109 CashLand
Owl House

Flintlock Meerkat

Buffalo Hill
109 CashLand
Prarie Maid Swan

Pioneer Tycoon Horse

Old Town
109 CashLand
Raccoon Noon

Petal West Cow

Frontier Valley
109 CashLand
Flowering Dogwood Tree

Rebel Outlaw Racoon

Promise Land
109 CashLand
Frontier Jailhouse

Frontier Ranger Bison

Bustle Canyon
109 CashLand
Great Blue Heron

Frontier Windmill

Gator Glade
109 CashWater
Peruvian Pelican

Pioneer Lake Cabin

Oak Creek
109 CashWater
Water Willow

Frontier Boat House

Bronco Field
109 CashLand
Frontier Maiden Cow

Gazebo Bar

Colt Crag
109 CashLand
Mule Millstone

Frontier Pony

Frontier's Edge
109 CashLand
Sheriff's Office

American Marten

Spirits Ridge
119 CashLand
Tent Treehouse

Star Sheriff Stallion

Cowboy's Ranch
119 CashLand
Cabbose House

Continental Soldier Chimp

Cowboy Ridge
129 CashLand
Town Water Tower

Ptbull Terrier

Ferret's Cove
129 CashLand
Town Drugstore

County Hotel

Rustler's Ridge
149 CashLand
Delivery Caravan

Pinto Mare

Rider's Rock
149 CashLand
Town Sheriff

Prarie Dress Pegasus

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