Decorations in Old World Expedition (Only Images)

Overlooking Cliff

Unwither Ring Pack

Heaven's Spiral

Rocky Beach Pool

Traveller Shade

Desert Mirage

Arch of Faith

Desert Dome

Rose Window

Desert Tourist's Gazebo

Desert Ship Rover

Horse Rock

Dome of Ascension

Village Beauty Gnomette

Lady in a Carriage

Screen Divider

Jade Fun Egg

Shield Maiden Gnomette

Table At Sea

Tiptop Gnomette

Grand Color Fountain


Timber Tower

Stone Eagle Fountain

Old Stone Throne

Family Farm House

Stone Gazebo

Stone Tower

Mosaic Stripe Gnomette

Secret Spring

Salt Structure

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Acco Gazebo

Unwither Ring

Sesame Bread Vendor

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Old Stone Arch

Unwither Ring

King Tower

Rabbi Gnome

Israeli Dance Gnome

Gypsy Princess Gnomette

Traditional Decor Table

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Lamp Maker Gnome

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Victory Monument

Water Wood

Ancient Caesarea Tower

Bark Park

Agro Export Complex

Basket Bagel Seller

Sandstone Clocktower

Bastion of Science

Negev Mosaic Egg

Arch of Hadrian

Beach Pyramid

Beat Trophy

Mideast Couple

Akko Ruins Wall

Old World Double Points Statue

Menorah Dome

Chalice Fountain

Tower of Calendars

Package of Old World Expedition Treasure Parts

Old World Expedition

Blue Star Car

Brass Harp

Caesarea Arch


Sandstone Gazebo

Ceramic Mosaic Fountain

Ceramic Planter

Boat For Two

Mystery Oasis

Ancient Minaret Tomb

Nomad's Desert Lodge

Unwither Ring

Bronze Whale Fountain

Desert Flora

Montefiore Windmill

Package of Old World Expedition Treasure Parts

Mysterious Balance

Traditional Kids

Old World Cart Vendor

Green Mart

Old World Street Musician

Haifa Streetlamp

Jaffa Clocktower

Town Farm

Great King Statue

Lions Fountain

Old Jaffa Watchtower

Market Shawl Stand

Mar Saba Monastery

Flame Palm Buoy

Menorah Lamppost

Desert Star Dome

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