Beat Old World Expedition!

Complete these tasks in Old World Expedition for special rewards and a GRAND PRIZE!

TASK 1: Finish building your Hotel Sanctuary

Rewards: Win 2000 Old World Points
TASK 2: Master these Old World Expedition Crops to Level 3

Desert Pomegranate

Spring Onion

Nano Watermelon

Hyacinth Squill

Grape Tomato

Anna Apple

Alpha Cucumber

Ogen Melon

Mini Basil


Grevillea Johnsonii


Galaxy Tomato

Common Myrtle

Sea Squill


Squash Acorn

Goldy Zucchini Squash

Seedless Bell Pepper

Hybrid Corn

Chickpea Flower

Bazaar Avocado

Pink Garlic

Desert Cabbage

Amazonian Victoria

Saltmarsh Aster

Aloe Ferox

Asparagus Flower

Rewards: Win 2 Instagrow Potions
TASK 3: Complete all animals in Sea Side Spa!

Rewards: Win 5 Unwithers
TASK 4: Have a 5 Star Bazaar Stall!

Rewards: Win 4000 Old World Points
Finish the The Frontier Trail challenges and win special prizes!
1. Old World Expedition License

2.Beat Old World Expedition Trophy

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