Beat Shadow Creek

Complete these tasks in Shadow Creek for special rewards and a GRAND PRIZE!

TASK 1: Finish building your Hope Elementary

Rewards: Win 2000 Shadow Points

Orange Jack-o-Lantern

Bloody Apple

Skeleton Strawberry

Illuminous Plant

Finger Carrot

Pumpkin Rice Krispie

Apple Mummies

Veined Muskmelon

Carved Pumpkin

Watermelon Scare

Purple Nymphaea

Brain Gourd

Moon Banana

Webbed Amazonica

Skeleton Wisteria

Tangerine Moon

Evil Bubble Corn

Crooked Bamboo

Tombstone Crop

Potion Pear

Candy Grape

Illusion Lily

Teethy Strawberry

Cheezy Broomsticks

Bloody Seed Pod

Spider Vines

Melting Candles

Spooky Treats
TASK 2: Master these Shadow Creek Crops to Level 3

Rewards: Win 2 Instagrow Potions
TASK 3: Complete all animals in All Halloween Store!

Rewards: Win 5 Unwithers
TASK 4: Have a 5 Star Snackmobile!

Rewards: Win 4000 Shadow Points
Finish the Shadow Creek challenges and win special prizes!
1.Shadow Creek License

2.Beat Shadow Creek Trophy

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