Decorations in Castle Kaputstone (Only Images)

Carnivorous Fountain

Abandoned Lab Boat

Marbles's Dark Doom

Marbles's Furry Freak

Marbles's Madclaw

Marbles's Supreme Shell

Castle Kaputstone

Halloween Arch

Arachnid Arch

Arachnid Fence

Arch Wither

Audio Trap

Booboo Bonfire

Pumpkin Dog House

Pumpkin Head Arch

Brain Booster Rack

Calling Coffin

Beat Trophy

Pumpkin Man

Chem Mixer

Creepy Handlamp

Dinner Gongsman

Dispenser of Doom

Kaputstone Double Points Statue

Cog Kiwi Statue

Eerie Glow Lampost

Unwither Ring

Elder God Cthulu

Exit to Enter

Fishermans Shed


Voodoo Gnome

Pumpkin Well

Samhain Arch


Hungry Hut

Spooky Lamp

Package of Kaputstone Treasure Parts

Monster Ahead Sign

Kaputnik Branded Mailbox

Spooky Jacks

Monster Coach

Kettle Cart

Laughing Jaws

Lake Spirit

Moonskull Boat

Monster Rook

Frankenstein Couple

Unwither Ring Pack

Red Rose Frame

Ocean Eye

Welcome Chair

Mystery Ingredient

Operating Table Version 3.2

Halloween Bench

Mecha Gnome

Rooted Man

Halloween Candy Ghost

Web Arch

Maniac Doc Gnome

Pumpkin Cauldron


Wicked Windmill

Portal of Despair

Skully Chair Set

Pumpkin Dress Gnomette

Toxic Tentacle

Swamp Fountain

Wildflower Gazebo

Spooky Bird Bath

Skull Jeep

Haunted Cabin Bridge

Slime Monsters

Stone Face

The Bat Post

The Invisible Mankey

The Forbidden Box

The Life Source

The Mummy Box

Super Mimic Engine

Alchemic Egg

Scare Egg

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Witches Cauldron

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Warlock Gnome

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