Animals in Castle Kaputstone (Only images)

Blue Glow Lion

Reanimated Guard Tiger

Oh Dear Rabbit

Spikemane Lion

Spooky Costume Lion

Atomic Time Fox

Candy Keeper Pug

Black Fire Deer

Castle Guard Dog

Eldritch Dog

Black Fire Fawn

Insect Armour Deer

Insect Armour Fawn

Lab Experiment Deer

Lab Experiment Fawn

Monster Horn Deer

Monster Horn Fawn

Potion Carrier Deer

Potion Carrier Fawn

Frankenstein Costume Dog

Monster Mutt

Lab Fail Monkey

Mutated Menace Dog

Mad Science Monkey

Mutant Rhino

Noble Werewolf Dog

Pumpkin Head Monkey

Puppeteer Monkey

Spark Savy Dog

Black Hat Pegacorn

Black Hat Pegacorn Foal

Bone Paint Unicorn

Pumpkin Carved Pegacorn

Bone Paint Unicorn Foal

Dark Bat Pegasus

Pumpkin Carved Pegacorn Foal

Dark Bat Pegasus Foal

Dark Flame Pegasus

Witcher Pegacorn Foal

Dark Flame Pegasus Foal

Goyle Green Pegasus

Goyle Green Pegasus Foal

Hallow Green Pegasus

Hallow Green Pegasus Foal

Radioactive Pegasus

Radioactive Pegasus Foal

White Moonlight Pegasus

White Moonlight Pegasus Foal

Pumpkin Carrier Deer

Pumpkin Carrier Fawn

Spikey Back Pig

Alchemic Chicken

Scare Chicken

Spooky Back Turtle

Lizard Fleece Sheep

Cyclops Cow

Spiderweb Sheep

Cyclops Calf

Frankenmoo Cow

Frankenmoo Calf

Gothic Bride Cow

Pale Goat

Devil Dress Meerkat

Gothic Bride Calf

Rock Monster Goat

Scary Blue Goat

Phantom Pegacorn

Phantom Pegacorn Foal

Salem Toad

Gothic Stripe Cow

Gothic Stripe Calf

Mystery Vein Cow

Mystery Vein Calf

Freddy Monkey

Bloodmoon Unicorn

Bloodmoon Unicorn Foal

Darkglow Duck

Candied Unicorn

Sorcerer Salamander

Evil Bride Duck

Ogre Gorilla

Freak Faced Duck

Candied Unicorn Foal

Crazy Science Unicorn

Gloomy Goth Duck

Frank the Sea Turtle

Crazy Science Unicorn Foal

Shadow Night Unicorn

Shadow Night Unicorn Foal

Forge Fire Unicorn

Monstrous Goat

Halloween Spirit Pegasus

Halloween Spirit Pegasus Foal

Hot Head Duck

Mutant Horned Duck

Electric Flame Pony

Candy Stealer Rabbit

Electric Flame Pony Foal

Princess Lunar Pony

Princess Lunar Pony Foal

Forge Fire Unicorn Foal

Mad Scientist Unicorn

Mad Scientist Unicorn Foal

Strange Man Gorilla

Night Dust Unicorn

Night Dust Unicorn Foal

Four Eyes Chicken

Bat Print Elephant

Macaw Dragon

Pumpkin Hunting Dragon

Bull Horn Gorilla

Forebearer Stallion

Forebearer Colt

Door Keeper Gorilla


Glowing Mummy Camel

Mummified Gorilla

Count Drac Mouse

Horror Howler Horse

Phantom Pig

Trick or Treat Gator

Spooky Black Cat

Scary Clown Dog

Strange Pig

Dark Spirit Fox

Web Ears Duck

Beetle Juice Duck

Cruella Swan

Witcher Pegacorn

Halloween Parrot

Misswitch Owl

Furry Monster Llama

Pink Blob Sheep

Horn Hide Elephant

Rock Monster Chimp

Gothic Giraffe

Blackhorn Horse

Mutated Cat

Petrifying Panther

Blackhorn Foal

Pumpkin Belly Mule Foal

Pumpkin Belly Mule

Alive Shell Tortoise

Daredevil Horse

Daredevil Foal

Electric Blue Horse

Witch Hat Octopus

Old Nessie

Electric Blue Foal

Halloween Alchemist Horse

Halloween Alchemist Foal

Shy Angler Fish

Snow Owl Griffin

Creepy Horned Wolf

Black Skull Swan

Spooky Mask Sea Lion

Trick-o-Treat Octopus

Scary Bride Swan

Horror Howler Foal

Tireless Coach Horse

Tireless Coach Foal

Toxic Hawk Horse

Toxic Hawk Foal

Lab Volunteer Pig

Blazing Werewolf

Pumpkin Print Llama

Witchy Night Owl

Werewolf Deer

Gravelly Giraffe

Werewolf Fawn

Cute Monster Lion

Flame Sigil Fox

Halloween Lantern Fox

Drowsy Trihead Bear

Halloween Tribe Dog

Zombie Dolphin

Goth Cat

Neon Mecha Cat

Skull Cat

Yellow Orb Cat

Horror Hat Hog

Fire Knight Bear

Scary Trunk Elephant

Franken Bear

Knight Halloween Bear

Mad Science Bear

Fangy Drac Giraffe

Bat Gal Deer

Bat Gal Fawn

Ram Horn Bear

Thorny Elephant

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