Crops in Isle of Dreams

CropBushelCost In CoinsCoinXp GainTime(Hrs.)MasteryMin. LevelTerrain

Bell Flowers

Bell Flowers Bushel
285415216 Hours800/1400/200015

Chained Mango

Chained Mango Bushel
230345216 Hours600/1200/180015

Chain Lily's

Chain Lilys Bushel
195275218 Hours600/1200/180015Water

Color Fruit

Color Fruit Bushel
405625224 Hours800/1400/200015

Crystal Cherries

Crystal Cherries Bushel
16023026 Hours300/600/120015

Deep Water Flower

Deep Water Flower Bushel
150210224 Hours600/1200/180015Water

Elegant Star

Elegant Star Bushel
115165210 Mins300/600/120015

Enchanted Lotus

Enchanted Lotus Bushel
175240212 Hours300/600/120015Water

Enchanted Watermelon

Enchanted Watermelon Bushel
18026023 Days600/1200/180015

Fairy Bloom Flower

Fairy Bloom Flower Bushel
20030024 Hours600/1200/180015

Fairy Bubble Flower

Fairy Bubble Flower Bushel
20030024 Hours600/1200/180015Water

Fairy Bubble Wand

Fairy Bubble Wand Bushel
16023026 Hours300/600/120015

Fairy slipper

Fairy slipper Bushel
135210231 Mins600/1200/180015

Fantasy Twirl

Fantasy Twirl Bushel
125200215 Mins600/1200/180015

Hanging Hibiscus

Hanging Hibiscus Bushel
255405216 Hours800/1400/200015

Hatted Tomato

Hatted Tomato Bushel
17025026 Hours300/600/120015

Lightstone Butterfly

Lightstone Butterfly Bushel
175255231 Mins600/1200/180015

Night Queen

Night Queen Bushel
405625224 Hours800/1400/200015Dream

Open Pear

Open Pear Bushel
220315214 Hours600/1200/180015

Orange Persimmon

Orange Persimmon Bushel
110160210 Mins600/1200/180015

Passion Shrub

Passion Shrub Bushel
255405216 Hours800/1400/200015

Pink Nipah

Pink Nipah Bushel
175260212 Hours600/1200/180015

Pixie Cove

Pixie Cove Bushel
15030034 Hours600/1200/180015

Pixie Melon

Pixie Melon Bushel
405625224 Hours800/1400/200015

Sheltered Fruit

Sheltered Fruit Bushel
190260212 Hours600/1200/180015

Spiky Cauliflower

Spiky Cauliflower Bushel
17525528 Hours600/1200/180015

Star Orange

Star Orange Bushel
210305210 Hours600/1200/180015

Toadstool Apple

Toadstool Apple Bushel
17525528 Hours600/1200/180015

Trapped Eggplant

Trapped Eggplant Bushel
19540022 Days800/1400/200015Water

Vine Flower

Vine Flower Bushel
18526028 Hours300/600/120015

Water Berries

Water Berries Bushel
175255231 Mins600/1200/180015Water

Water Pear

Water Pear Bushel
195275210 Hours600/1200/180015Water

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