Decorations in Emberhill Adventure (Only Images)

Transmere Kitchen Shelf

Transmerian Fountain

Dwarven Gazebo

Fairy Godmother Statue

Bunny Leaf Boat

Emberhill Double Points Statue

Fairy Couple

Dragon Valley Statue

Deadwood Well

Rustic Flowery Bicycle.

Fern Style Egg

Swirly Forest Bed

Dragon Valley Torch

Unwither Ring

Woodland Watchtower

Rustic Wood Fence

Trasmerian Silo

Danu Temple

Enchanted Craft

Stoneman Statue

Softwood Gazebo

Emberhill Adventure

Priestess Swan Boat

Elvenwood Arch

Water Gazebo

Clock Treehouse

Woodland Chair

Pool of Gylphs

Book Of Mystics

Woodland Bench

Beat Ember Trophy

Wooden Watchtower

Wooden Forest Bridge

Timberland Fountain

Brigit Temple

Lofted Woodhouse

Package of Emberhill Treasure Parts

Forest Spirit Gazebo

Runic Arch

Elven Fountain

Moonstone Mirror

Forest Greenhouse

Unwither Ring

Greenwood Cathedral

Unwither Ring Pack

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Noble Jungle Arch

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring

Mystical Water Gazebo

Forest Leaf Boat

Unwither Ring

Jungle Mossy Bridge

Mossy Rocky Fountain

Mossy Lamp Post

Unwither Ring

Rustic Cave

Condor's Perch

Mossy Dome House

Acorn Lamp Posts

Carved Stone Throne

Guardian Runestone

Mosiac Greenhouse

Forest Mouse House

Forestlord Gateway

Greenwood Lamppost

Cernunnos Temple

Forest Guardian Statue

Greenwood Gazebo

Cerridwen Temple

Stony Tower

Enchanter's Tower

Stonewood Entrance

Forager's Boat

Green Vines Chair

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