Beat Samba in Rio

Complete these tasks in Samba in Rio for special rewards and a GRAND PRIZE!

TASK 1: Finish building your Rio Public School

Rewards: Win 2000 Rio Points
TASK 2: Master these Samba in Rio Crops to Level 3

Parrot Blooms

Cerulean Cactus


Hearty Canistel

Grandmas Bonnet

Foxglove Flower

Lady Slippers

White Pinwheels

Royal Tubeflowers

Wild Tucumas

Red Dacca Banana

Rainbow Bromeliad

Cape Buttercup

Sunstar Dahlia

Teacup Blooms


Ruby Gold Pepino

Jazz Daylily

Lobster Claw Flower

Corsage Orchid

White Flame Peppers

Starfish Peppers

Queens Tears

Spiky Bromeliad

Clusia Star

Brazil Nut

Spiky Rollinia

Guarana Berry

Rewards: Win 2 Instagrow Potions
TASK 3: Complete all animals in Carnival Stage!

Rewards: Win 5 Unwithers
TASK 4: Have a 5 Star Rio General Store!

Rewards: Win 4000 Rio Points
Finish the Samba in Rio challenges and win special prizes!
1.Samba in Rio License

2.Beat Samba in Rio Trophy

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