Witch vs. Fairies Voting Event

October 09th 2019 to October 30th 2019
Witch vs Fairies Voting Event
Sorting Hat Bunny
Butterfly Wing Bunny
Fresh Steamer Fountain
Fairy wings Fountain
Magician Hat Tree
Gold Star Stick Tree
Baleful Gazebo
Secret Gazebo
Malicious Gnome Club
Fairy Dance Art
Glowing Back Turtle
Glassy color Turtle
Swinging Owls Tree
Wing Owls Tree
Witch Lamp Post
Scallop Lamp Post
Dark Power Parrot
Feather Cockatoo
Diviner Fox
Fairy Cute Fox
Spooky Town Carousel
Fairground Rides
Skull Fight Unicorn
Delighted Queen Unicorn
Witch vs Fairies Voting Event Icon
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