Farmville 2 Quest Guide Kite Flight

April 02 2024 to April 16 2024
Farmville2 BgInfo :April 02 2024

From April 02 2024 to April 16 2024 you can perform quests Kite Flight.

Hey! Kite season is coming around! And the city people are visiting as well! You know what this means, right? It's time to set up a kite making festival! Let's think up some designs for the kites. Maybe chill with some animals at the same time? You can read more about Quest Guide Kite Flight and hints in the next pictures.

Kite Flight!! 1/8: The Goat!


Kite Flight!! 2/8: Let It Loose!


Kite Flight!! 3/8: The Commune!


Kite Flight!! 4/8: Tape It Up!


Kite Flight!! 5/8: Dextrous Hands!


Kite Flight!! 6/8: Spiky Salads!


Kite Flight!! 7/8: Aerodynamics!


Kite Flight!! 8/8: Sweet Sunset!


Recipes in quests Kite Flight

Recipes in Kite Flight

Badges in quests Kite Flight

Badges in Kite Flight
Farmville 2 The Safari Kiosk
April 02 2024 to April 16 2024
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