Farmville 2 Quest Guide Makeup Madness

March 26 2024 to April 09 2024
Farmville2 BgInfo : March 26 2024

From March 26 2024 to April 09 2024 you can perform quests Makeup Madness.

Hi! Have you heard about the upcoming Spring Bazaar? Marie has organized a Spring Bazaar for us to sell any novelty goods we craft! The Women's Council plans to create a new line of organic beauty care products. We could really use your assistance! I've heard that French Marigold makes for a fantastic body lotion. Could you help me harvest some? You can read more about Quest Guide Makeup Madness and hints in the next pictures.

Makeup Madness! 1/8: Spring Into Action!


Makeup Madness! 2/8: Espresso Yourself!


Makeup Madness! 3/8: Sumptuous Samples!


Makeup Madness! 4/8: Rope Me In!


Makeup Madness! 5/8: Packaged for Success!


Makeup Madness! 6/8: Get That Refreshment!


Makeup Madness! 7/8: All aboard the Hype Train!


Makeup Madness! 8/8: All you knead is Loaf!

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