Farmville 2 Quest Guide Spa Treatment

November 14 2023 to November 28 2023
Farmville2 BgInfo : November 14 2023

From November 14 2023 to November 28 2023 you can perform quests Spa Treatment.

Hey ! have you heard about the Relaxation Booth? Everyone is so excited, and I don't want the hype to die. So, I've come up with an idea! A friend of mine from the City specializes in relaxation methods. My friend mentioned that fruits could help with relaxation, and since it was Aglianico Grape season, they would be perfect! You can read more about Quest Guide Spa Treatment and hints in the next pictures.

Spa Treatment! 1/8: Grape Season!


Spa Treatment! 2/8: A Small Hiccup!


Spa Treatment! 3/8: Get The Word Out!


Spa Treatment! 4/8: Perfect Skin!


Spa Treatment! 5/8: Olive You!


Spa Treatment! 6/8: Break Time!


Spa Treatment! 7/8: Elegant Smells!


Spa Treatment! 8/8: Perfect Job!


Recipes in quests Spa Treatment

Recipes in Spa Treatment

Badges in quests Spa Treatment

Badges in Spa Treatment
Farmville 2 Relaxation Retreat
November 14 2023 to November 28 2023
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