Farmville 2 Quest Guide Shipping Scents

November 07 2023 to November 21 2023
Farmville2 BgInfo : November 07 2023

From November 07 2023 to November 21 2023 you can perform quests Shipping Scents

Hey! I love walking past the Scented Studio. Such amazing smells! We should not let these experiments go to waste, don't you think? Let's team up with Cornelius and set up a Mail Order system where we can ship these aromas! Let's start the prep work. How about growing some Rubber Rabbitbrush, I hear they make great dye for our stamps! You can read more about Quest Guide Shipping Scents and hints in the next pictures.

Shipping Scents! 1/8: A Colorful Start!


Shipping Scents! 2/8: Proof of Delivery!


Shipping Scents! 3/8: Pre - Orders!


Shipping Scents! 4/8: A Floral Invitation!


Shipping Scents! 5/8: Creamy Chill!


Shipping Scents! 6/8: A Need for Stamps!


Shipping Scents! 7/8: A Surprising Twist!


Shipping Scents! 8/8: Berry Awesome!


Recipes in quests Shipping Scents

Recipes in Shipping Scents

Badges in quests Shipping Scents

Badges in Shipping Scents
Farmville 2 Scent-sational Experiments
November 07 2023 to November 21 2023
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