Farmville 2 Quest Guide Spring-Curations Contest

March 14 2023 to March 28 2023
Farmville2 BgInfo : March 14 2023

From March 14 2023 to March 28 2023 you can perform quests Spring-Curations Contest.

Our harvests have crossed records yet again! I'm over the moon! When I used to live in the City, I'd often see restaurants wanting to bring the Farm Fresh experience to their menus. How about a harvest contest? Participants can set up a curated collection of their harvests, presented in style! Spring reminds me of all the different berries we get! Have you ever tasted Midyim Berries? Let's water them so they can be ready for our harvest! You can read more about Quest Guide Spring-Curations Contest and hints in the next pictures.

Spring-Curations Contest! 1/8: Watering Chores!


Spring-Curations Contest! 2/8: Storing Right!


Spring-Curations Contest! 3/8: Harvest Help!


Spring-Curations Contest! 4/8: Base Issue!


Spring-Curations Contest! 5/8: Note Of Thanks!


Spring-Curations Contest! 6/8: Olive I Need!


Spring-Curations Contest! 7/8: Tablecloth Troubles!


Spring-Curations Contest! 8/8: Berry Charged Up!


Recipes in quests Spring-Curations Contest

Recipes in Spring-Curations Contest

Badges in quests Spring-Curations Contest

Badges in Spring-Curations Contest
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