Farmville 2 Quest Guide Mystery Man

January 31 2023 to February 14 2023
Farmville2 BgInfo : January 31 2023

From January 31 2023 to February 14 2023 you can perform quests Mystery Man.

Hey! This Valentine's Day I was thinking of throwing Barbara a special surprise! I am planning a series of secret gifts culminating in a mystery romantic date! I need your expert help to make sure this works and the surprise doesn't get ruined! Let's start with a mystery Tofu dish, Barbara's secret favorite! Can you get some Fish Mint for the dish? You can read more about Quest Guide Mystery Man and hints in the next pictures.

Mystery Man! 1/8: Minty Mystery!


Mystery Man! 2/8: Sweet Surprise!


Mystery Man! 3/8: Berry Creamy!


Mystery Man! 4/8: Real Romantic!


Mystery Man! 5/8: Cool Celebration!


Mystery Man! 6/8: Beauty And The Box!


Mystery Man! 7/8: Divine Delicacy!


Mystery Man! 8/8: Icy Awesomeness!


Recipes in quests Mystery Man

Recipes in Mystery Man

Badges in quests Mystery Man

Badges in Mystery Man
Farmville 2 Valentine Vacation
January 31 2023 to February 14 2023
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