Farmville 2 Quest Guide Pumpkin Derby

September 13 2022 to September 27 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : September 13 2022

From September 13 2022 to September 27 2022 you can perform quests Pumpkin Derby.

Hey! Seems you're having fun with this new mystery of yours! The harvest has been good this year, and I want to celebrate that. With your help, I think we could organize a Pumpkin Derby in FarmVille! Let's get this clearing empty! Feed the Chicken here to make them leave! You can read more about Quest Guide Pumpkin Derby and hints in the next pictures.

Pumpkin Derby! 1/8: Pump-kined Up!


Pumpkin Derby! 2/8: Turn and Burn!


Pumpkin Derby! 3/8: Refueling!


Pumpkin Derby! 4/8: Wheelpower!


Pumpkin Derby! 5/8: Bag it up!


Pumpkin Derby! 6/8: Insulated!


Pumpkin Derby! 7/8: Caffeine Strength!


Pumpkin Derby! 8/8: Stuck in Reverse!


Recipes in quests Pumpkin Derby

Recipes in Pumpkin Derby

Badges in quests Pumpkin Derby

Badges in Pumpkin Derby
Farmville 2 The Mystery Of Ages
September 13 2022 to September 27 2022
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