Farmville 2 Quest Guide In The Spotlight

September 20 2022 to October 04 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : September 20 2022

From September 20 2022 to October 04 2022 you can perform quests In The Spotlight.

The most amazing thing just happened! I've been approached by a TV crew that's covering the elections. They want me to star in an episode of their show! It's called "Country Living" and they said that with my BnB and cooking skills, I was the perfect fit! I need to liven up the BnB with some decorations. I have all the flowers I need, but maybe some Coral Beads can add some color! You can read more about Quest Guide In The Spotlight and hints in the next pictures.

In the Spotlight! 1/8: Chic Coral!


In the Spotlight! 2/8: Design Zine!


In the Spotlight! 3/8: Campaign Cleanup!


In the Spotlight! 4/8: Chair For Another?


In the Spotlight! 5/8: Floral Fancy!


In the Spotlight! 6/8: Citric Magic !


In the Spotlight! 7/8: All Fired Up!


In the Spotlight! 8/8: Smoothie Surprise!

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