Farmville 2 Quest Guide Operation Date

August 09 2022 to August 23 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : August 09 2022

From August 09 2022 to August 23 2022 you can perform quests Operation Date.

Hey! Deborah's birthday is coming up soon! I'm Nervous! I want to make sure the day goes perfectly! I'm planning a nice little date, a picnic near the Dexter river, but it has to be perfect! I need the food to be completely out of this world, something she's never tasted before! You can read more about Quest Guide Operation Date and hints in the next pictures.

Operation Date! 1/8: Packing for Bear!


Operation Date! 2/8: Setting Up!


Operation Date! 3/8: Supportive Relationships!


Operation Date! 4/8: Brace Yourself!


Operation Date! 5/8: So Grateful!


Operation Date! 6/8: Bray With Me!


Operation Date! 7/8: Summer Shade!


Operation Date! 8/8: Afterparty!

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