Farmville 2 Quest Guide Chocolate State

July 12 2022 to July 26 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : July 12 2022

From July 12 2022 to July 26 2022 you can perform quests Chocolate State.

Hey! Did you check out Gus' Amphibarium? It's so cool! I want to set up a Chocolate themed flea market to attract more visitors to the Amphibarium. Can I count on you to help me? We need water to mix the chocolate with! Let's get some. You can read more about Quest Guide Chocolate State and hints in the next pictures.

Chocolate State! 1/8: Chocolate Mix!


Chocolate State! 2/8: Set Up Shop!


Chocolate State! 3/8: Personal Invite!


Chocolate State! 4/8: Shady Business!


Chocolate State! 5/8: Summer Refresh!


Chocolate State! 6/8: Center Stage!


Chocolate State! 7/8: Sealed Tight!


Chocolate State! 8/8: Success Treat!


Recipes in quests Chocolate State

Recipes in Chocolate State

Badges in quests Chocolate State

Badges in Chocolate State
Farmville 2 The Amphibarium
July 12 2022 to July 26 2022
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