Farmville 2 Quest Guide Aqua Special

July 26 2022 to August 09 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : July 26 2022

From July 26 2022 to August 09 2022 you can perform quests Aqua Special.

Hey, I just heard of the Tiki Summer Hut! That got me thinking. Why don't we do something special for the kids of the county too! I think a Water Sporting Festival is just what the doctor ordered! What say? Let's start with making a drink for the kids to beat the heat! Can you get some Lotus Sweetjuice? You can read more about Quest Guide Aqua Special and hints in the next pictures.

Aqua Special! 1/8: Beat the Heat!


Aqua Special! 2/8: Floating Fun!


Aqua Special! 3/8: Munch Break!


Aqua Special! 4/8: Keep It Cool!


Aqua Special! 5/8: Sweet Surprise!


Aqua Special! 6/8: Tinkling Tunes!


Aqua Special! 7/8: Music Magic!


Aqua Special! 8/8: Creamy Celebrations!

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