Farmville 2 Quest Guide Gazebo Gusto

May 24 2022 to June 07 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : May 24 2022

From May 24 2022 to June 07 2022 you can perform quests Gazebo Gusto.

Hi, officials from the supermarkets in the city have shown interest in our County! They want us to supply our fresh produce to their supermarkets too. I thought we could set up a conference to show them how we do things here in the County! I'd like to put up a poster with pictures of our animals for the conference. Would you feed a few pheasants, so I can get a quick photograph? You can read more about Quest Guide Gazebo Gusto and hints in the next pictures.

Gazebo Gusto! 1/8: Party Posters!


Gazebo Gusto! 2/8: Formal Invitation!


Gazebo Gusto! 3/8: A Helping Hand!


Gazebo Gusto! 4/8: Decoration Woes!


Gazebo Gusto! 5/8: Snack Time!


Gazebo Gusto! 6/8: Painting it New!


Gazebo Gusto! 7/8: A Gift To Remember!


Gazebo Gusto! 8/8: Locally Grown!


Recipes in quests Gazebo Gusto

Recipes in Gazebo Gusto

Badges in quests Gazebo Gusto

Badges in Gazebo Gusto
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May 24 2022 to June 07 2022
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