Farmville 2 Quest Guide Fashion Shoot

May 31 2022 to June 14 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : May 31 2022

From May 31 2022 to June 14 2022 you can perform quests Fashion Shoot.

Hey there! Have you heard about Barbara's Summer Shoot? That gave Sally an idea. She wants to host a Mini Photoshoot for all the teenagers of FarmVille! Right! Sally asked if we could set it up together. Will you help me out? A photoshoot needs good decorations, and nothing screams beautiful like summer flowers! You can read more about Quest Guide Fashion Shoot and hints in the next pictures.

Fashion Shoot! 1/8: Let's Begin!


Fashion Shoot! 2/8: Silly Mistake!


Fashion Shoot! 3/8: Extra Hands!


Fashion Shoot! 4/8: Beautification!


Fashion Shoot! 5/8: Yummy Snack!


Fashion Shoot! 6/8: Ramifications!


Fashion Shoot! 7/8: First Class!


Fashion Shoot! 8/8: Let's Cake it!


Recipes in quests Fashion Shoot

Recipes in Fashion Shoot

Badges in quests Fashion Shoot

Badges in Fashion Shoot
Farmville 2 The Summer Shoot
May 31 2022 to June 14 2022
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