Farmville 2 Quest Guide Arting Craftily

May 17 2022 to May 31 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : May 17 2022

From May 17 2022 to May 31 2022 you can perform quests Arting Craftily.

Hey! The Art Exhibit is making me very proud of the talent in our county! But I noticed that the kids aren't enjoying it as much. They couldn't contain their yawns! Let's set up a fun Art Club for them! I'm sure they'll love it! An attractive snack is a good way to welcome the kids! You can read more about Quest Guide Arting Craftily and hints in the next pictures.

Arting Craftily! 1/8: Berry Fun Club!


Arting Craftily! 2/8: Shining Fine!


Arting Craftily! 3/8: Shake It up!


Arting Craftily! 4/8: Mix For Kicks!


Arting Craftily! 5/8: Crafting Rewards!


Arting Craftily! 6/8: Red Riding Sorbet!


Arting Craftily! 7/8: Frame Work!


Arting Craftily! 8/8: The Final Touch!

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