Farmville 2 Quest Guide A Festive Surprise

May 10 2022 to May 24 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : May 10 2022

From May 10 2022 to May 24 2022 you can perform quests A Festive Surprise.

The Carnival fever has really kicked in! A perfect occasion for a movie date with my missus. Isn't it? But it must stay a secret. Can you help me plan it out? The Poppies on your farm will make for great cookies! Could I get some for my missus! You can read more about Quest Guide A Festive Surprise and hints in the next pictures.

A Festive Surprise! 1/8: A Sweet Hint!


A Festive Surprise! 2/8: Apt Attire!


A Festive Surprise! 3/8: The Right Pick!


A Festive Surprise! 4/8: Music For The Mood!


A Festive Surprise! 5/8: Munch Forgetful!


A Festive Surprise! 6/8: Scent of Happiness!


A Festive Surprise! 7/8: Ice Ice Maybe!


A Festive Surprise! 8/8: Celebrating Love!

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