Farmville 2 Quest Guide Trading Blossoms

April 05 2022 to April 19 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : April 05 2022

From April 05 2022 to April 19 2022 you can perform quests Trading Blossoms.

Hey! Isn't Spring the best season? Look at the all the flowers blooming! I have a plan to make sure these beautiful blooms aren't wasted! I want to set up a flower delivery service to the wedding planners of neighboring counties! Would you like to help me out? I'm excited to build the Hydrangea House! Are you? You can read more about Quest Guide Trading Blossoms and hints in the next pictures.

Trading Blossoms! 1/8: Shop Stop!


Trading Blossoms! 2/8: Listing Matters!


Trading Blossoms! 3/8: Hand In Hand!


Trading Blossoms! 4/8: A Fresh Promise!


Trading Blossoms! 5/8: Color Coding!


Trading Blossoms! 6/8: Souper Plans!


Trading Blossoms! 7/8: Packing With Care!


Trading Blossoms! 8/8: Relishing Success!


Recipes in quests Trading Blossoms

Recipes in Trading Blossoms

Badges in quests Trading Blossoms

Badges in Trading Blossoms
Farmville 2 Oh My Hydrangea
April 05 2022 to April 19 2022
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