Farmville 2 Quest Guide Teaching The Young

April 26 2022 to May 10 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : April 26 2022

From April 26 2022 to May 10 2022 you can perform quests Teaching The Young.

Hey! Maybe we should get the county kids involved in the tournament too! We could show them how much fun golf is! It might inspire them to become great golfers when they grow up! I’m planning to set up a mini golf ground for them! Start them off with something easy! We should make sure the area aroud the mini golf course looks pretty and inviting! You can read more about Quest Guide Teaching The Young and hints in the next pictures.

Teaching The Young! 1/8: Sun's Out!


Teaching The Young! 2/8: Downsizing!


Teaching The Young! 3/8: Fruit King!


Teaching The Young! 4/8: Capping it Off!


Teaching The Young! 5/8: Eating High!


Teaching The Young! 6/8: Cupcake Conundrum!


Teaching The Young! 7/8: Terra Firma!


Teaching The Young! 8/8: Sweet Shot!

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