Farmville 2 Quest Guide Growing Strong

April 12 2022 to April 26 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : April 12 2022

From April 12 2022 to April 26 2022 you can perform quests Growing Strong.

Hey, great weather we're having huh? With all the lovely tourists coming to the county, maybe we could do something educational? Maybe we should set something up for them. Maybe a workshop on flower gardening would do the trick? A few clusters of Banks’ Rose flowers should make the venue look more exotic. Can you get some? You can read more about Quest Guide Growing Strong and hints in the next pictures.

Growing Strong! 1/8: To The Banks!


Growing Strong! 2/8: Everyday Heroes!


Growing Strong! 3/8: Raising Raisin!


Growing Strong! 4/8: Digging Shallow!


Growing Strong! 5/8: Sweet Citrus!


Growing Strong! 6/8: Flowery Dreams!


Growing Strong! 7/8: A Bell to Remember!


Growing Strong! 8/8: Sweet Remembrance!


Recipes in quests Growing Strong

Recipes in Growing Strong

Badges in quests Growing Strong

Badges in Growing Strong
Farmville 2 Meeting Under the Flowers
April 12 2022 to April 26 2022
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