Farmville 2 Quest Guide Social Guru

March 01 2022 to March 15 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : March 01 2022

From March 01 2022 to March 15 2022 you can perform quests Social Guru.

Hello! Exciting things are coming up! Yes, the Women's Council is going to have their annual meet. We're celebrating with a healthy Yoga Session! A Yoga Session needs an aromatic ambience to work best. Can I get some of your Aaron's Beard? You can read more about Quest Guide Social Guru and hints in the next pictures.

Social Guru 1/8: A Great Gathering!


Social Guru 2/8: Healthy Habits!


Social Guru 3/8: Spreading the Word!


Social Guru 4/8: In Short Supply


Social Guru 5/8: A Toast to Remember!


Social Guru 6/8: Beautif-wool!


Social Guru 7/8: Knowledge is Power!


Social Guru 8/8: A Berry Special Day!


Recipes in quests Social Guru

Recipes in Social Guru

Badges in quests Social Guru

Badges in Social Guru
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March 01 2022 to March 15 2022
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