Farmville 2 Quest Guide Koi Creations

March 29 2022 to April 12 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : March 29 2022

From March 29 2022 to April 12 2022 you can perform quests Koi Creations.

Hey! It seems Marie's Koi Pond is the talk of the county. It's a great opportunity! We can use this popularity to do some good for the community! Let's set up a Koi Souvenir Shop! That way we can donate the proceeds to charity! I’ll need your help for this {user}! The first thing that we'll need is some water for the mini aquarium in the store. Could you get some? You can read more about Quest Guide Koi Creations and hints in the next pictures.

Koi Creations! 1/8: Fill It Up!


Koi Creations! 2/8: Sign Me Up!


Koi Creations! 3/8: Words Away!


Koi Creations! 4/8: Classy Collection!


Koi Creations! 5/8: Break Time!


Koi Creations! 6/8: The Koi Connection!


Koi Creations! 7/8: Prime Attraction!


Koi Creations! 8/8: Sweet Success!


Recipes in quests Koi Creations

Recipes in Koi Creations

Badges in quests Koi Creations

Badges in Koi Creations
Farmville 2 Koi Pond
March 29 2022 to April 12 2022
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