Farmville 2 Quest Guide Play Booth

February 08 2022 to February 22 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : February 08 2022

From February 08 2022 to February 22 2022 you can perform quests Play Booth.

Hi! Did you hear about the Traveling Carnival? In the spirit of the Carnival, I want to set up a Game Booth for everybody! I came here hoping you would! You're a lifesaver! You're planting Zucchettas, aren't you? Could you give some to me? I need them for a trade. You can read more about Quest Guide Play Booth and hints in the next pictures.

Play Booth! 1/8: Game on!


Play Booth! 2/8: Cover It Up!


Play Booth! 3/8: Hugs & Quiches!


Play Booth! 4/8: The Juggle is Real!


Play Booth! 5/8: Small Victories!


Play Booth! 6/8: Currysmatic!


Play Booth! 7/8: Saving The Day!


Play Booth! 8/8: Loafly!


Recipes in quests Play Booth

Recipes in Play Booth

Badges in quests Play Booth

Badges in Play Booth
Farmville 2 Traveling Valentine Carnival
February 08 2022 to February 22 2022
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