Farmville 2 Quest Guide Vet Do You Need

January 11 2022 to January 25 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : January 11 2022

From January 11 2022 to January 25 2022 you can perform quests Vet Do You Need.

Hi, the cold's getting to our animals! The Vet Clinic's overflowing with animals! Sure! But, we'll need to hire more hands for the clinic! I know you've got work to do too! I'll help you with your crops, before we go hunting for skilled labor. You can read more about Quest Guide Vet Do You Need and hints in the next pictures.

Vet Do You Need? 1/8: Looking for Assistance!


Vet Do You Need? 2/8: Forming an Application!


Vet Do You Need? 3/8: Animal Testing!


Vet Do You Need? 4/8: Room To Groom!


Vet Do You Need? 5/8: I'm Guinea Be Tough!


Vet Do You Need? 6/8: Papers Please!


Vet Do You Need? 7/8: Some Manual Work!


Vet Do You Need? 8/8: A Welcome Party!

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