Farmville 2 Quest Guide Anniversary Journey

January 25 2022 to February 08 2022
Farmville2 BgInfo : January 25 2022

From January 25 2022 to February 08 2022 you can perform quests Anniversary Journey.

Have you noticed how cheerful Cornelius is these days? I checked my diary and my suspicions were confirmed! His anniversary is right around the corner! I have a wonderful idea! How about we plan a Vow Renewal Ceremony for Cornelius? Let's start by getting the venue ready! You can read more about Quest Guide Anniversary Journey and hints in the next pictures.

Anniversary Journey! 1/8: Renewing Romance!


Anniversary Journey! 2/8: Vows That Wow!


Anniversary Journey! 3/8: Ceremonial Centerpiece!


Anniversary Journey! 4/8: Eternal Promise!


Anniversary Journey! 5/8: Reflections Of The Heart!


Anniversary Journey! 6/8: Fudgy Treats!


Anniversary Journey! 7/8: Tux It Up!


Anniversary Journey! 8/8: Slice Of Warmth!

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