Farmville 2 Quest Guide The Secret Party

October 05 2021 to October 19 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : October 05 2021

From October 05 2021 to October 19 2021 you can perform quests The Secret Party.

Hey! Marie has been so happy with the Observatory setup! I've actually never seen her this excited before, and I have a bit of a plan to make her even happier! I’m planning a surprise party for her, something space-themed that she will remember forever! I want to set up some flower decorations, but is there a flower that follows our 'space' theme? You can read more about Quest Guide The Secret Party and hints in the next pictures.

The Secret Party! 1/8: Celestial Decoration!


The Secret Party! 2/8: Star Field!


The Secret Party! 3/8: Baking and Shaking!


The Secret Party! 4/8: Shape in the Sky!


The Secret Party! 5/8: Eating High!


The Secret Party! 6/8: Orange Range!


The Secret Party! 7/8: Pluck the Stars!


The Secret Party! 8/8: The Honeydew Galaxy!

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