Farmville 2 Quest Guide Playing Our Parts

October 26 2021 to November 09 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : October 26 2021

From October 26 2021 to November 09 2021 you can perform quests Playing Our Parts.

Were you ever a fan of plays when you were younger? I was an actor myself as a teen, a good one at that! My personal favorites were plays with gothic themes. The old mysteries of the Victorian era. Maybe we should set up a play to go along with the party that Barbara has planned? It would be great entertainment! I just uncovered some old costumes that would be perfect for the play! They need to be washed, though! You can read more about Quest Guide Playing Our Parts and hints in the next pictures.

Playing Our Parts! 1/8: Prepping the Preppers!


Playing Our Parts! 2/8: High Society Suiting!


Playing Our Parts! 3/8: Pearly Sheen!


Playing Our Parts! 4/8: Hunting Dream!


Playing Our Parts! 5/8: Beary Suitable!


Playing Our Parts! 6/8: Sweet Nothings!


Playing Our Parts! 7/8: Cover it up!


Playing Our Parts! 8/8: Grand Finale!

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