Farmville 2 Quest Guide Aliens Ahoy

October 12 2021 to October 26 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : October 12 2021

From October 12 2021 to October 26 2021 you can perform quests Aliens Ahoy.

Hey , this is turning out to be quite an exciting time for the county isn't it? With all this buzz about space, what would you say to a good old fashioned UFO Film Screening? It should be quite an immersive experience for our guests! Can you help me arrange this screening? A few clusters of Hubricht's Bluestar flowers should make the venue look more exotic. Can you get some? You can read more about Quest Guide Aliens Ahoy and hints in the next pictures.

Aliens Ahoy! 1/8: Otherworldly Beauty!


Aliens Ahoy! 2/8: In The Zone!


Aliens Ahoy! 3/8: Apple Delight!


Aliens Ahoy! 4/8: We Come in Pieces!


Aliens Ahoy! 5/8: Muffin To Do!


Aliens Ahoy! 6/8: Tinkly Tunes!


Aliens Ahoy! 7/8: Little Grey Men!


Aliens Ahoy! 8/8: Sweet Memories!