Farmville 2 Quest Guide Fashion Fiesta

September 07 2021 to September 21 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : September 07 2021

From September 07 2021 to September 21 2021 you can perform quests Fashion Fiesta.

Hey! I had recently visited the FarmVille Pet Clothing Boutique and can't help but notice you're doing some amazing work! So i have an idea, let's put your skills to the test! Let's have a fashion show, but for animals! You're already teaching kids how to make clothes, let's make them fashionable! You know what the fashion show needs? Great food for the competing animals! It's Mauka season and animals love those, we should plant some! You can read more about Quest Guide Fashion Fiesta and hints in the next pictures.

Fashion Fiesta! 1/8: Holly Moly!


Fashion Fiesta! 2/8: Let's Swing!


Fashion Fiesta! 3/8: Time For Backup!


Fashion Fiesta! 4/8: Garbed like an Egyptian!


Fashion Fiesta! 5/8: Creamery Custodian!


Fashion Fiesta! 6/8: Fixing Time!


Fashion Fiesta! 7/8: Book Over There!


Fashion Fiesta! 8/8: Bready to Learn!


Recipes in quests Fashion Fiesta

Recipes in Fashion Fiesta

Badges in quests Fashion Fiesta

Badges in Fashion Fiesta
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September 07 2021 to September 21 2021
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