Farmville 2 Quest Guide Extraterrestrial Investigation

September 28 2021 to October 12 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : September 28 2021

From September 28 2021 to October 12 2021 you can perform quests Extraterrestrial Investigation.

Did you hear about the Space Shoppe Walter is hosting? Well, all these space activities has got me really inrested in the outworlds and everything about them. Especially... Aliens! I really want to find out if they exist or not and if they have ever visited our county! Do you think the Aliens like flowers? Let's get some Yellow Wound Healers for when we meet them! What better way for a welcoming? You can read more about Quest Guide Extraterrestrial Investigation and hints in the next pictures.

Extraterrestrial Investigation! 1/8: Welcoming Spirit!


Extraterrestrial Investigation! 2/8: Into The Distance!


Extraterrestrial Investigation! 3/8: Pumpkin To Think About!


Extraterrestrial Investigation! 4/8: Are You Recording?


Extraterrestrial Investigation! 5/8: Olive This Adventure!


Extraterrestrial Investigation! 6/8: Decisive Trap!


Extraterrestrial Investigation! 7/8: Suit Up!


Extraterrestrial Investigation! 8/8: Cake It Happen!


Recipes in quests Extraterrestrial Investigation

Recipes in Extraterrestrial Investigation

Badges in quests Extraterrestrial Investigation

Badges in Extraterrestrial Investigation
Farmville 2 The Space Shoppe
September 28 2021 to October 12 2021
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