Farmville 2 Quest Guide Candied Reception

September 14 2021 to September 28 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : September 14 2021

From September 14 2021 to September 28 2021 you can perform quests Candied Reception.

Hey! Have you heard about Marie's idea of opening up a pottery shop? Well, it gave me an idea! I have lately been very curious about pottery and the skills required for it. Which is why, I plan on setting up a pottery workshop! I'm sure there are more people like me in the county. The ceramist coming from the city is sure to be hungry when he arrives. Let's get him some farm fresh fruits he can munch on! You can read more about Quest Guide Candied Reception and hints in the next pictures.

Candied Reception 1/8: Melonicious!


Candied Reception! 2/8: Wheely Good Time!


Candied Reception! 3/8: Helping Hand!


Candied Reception! 4/8: A Good Book!


Candied Reception! 5/8: A Sunny Situation!


Candied Reception! 6/8: Sugar Delight!


Candied Reception! 7/8: Ready, Set, Go!


Candied Reception! 8/8: Make Cake, Not Hate!


Recipes in quests Candied Reception

Recipes in Candied Reception

Badges in quests Candied Reception

Badges in Candied Reception
Farmville 2 Precious Pottery
September 14 2021 to September 28 2021
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