Farmville 2 Quest Guide The Garden Secret

August 03 2021 to August 17 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : August 03 2021

From August 03 2021 to August 17 2021 you can perform quests The Garden Secret.

Hey! I have been secretly working on a backyard garden to surprise Barbara! Most of the work is done but I need your help to put some finishing touches and plan an unveiling party! I need ideas to decorate my backyard garden. Can I visit your Orchid Nursery for inspiration? You can read more about Quest Guide The Garden Secret and hints in the next pictures.

The Garden Secret! 1/8: Inspiration Strikes!


The Garden Secret! 2/8: Planter For Plants!


The Garden Secret! 3/8: A Helping Hand!


The Garden Secret! 4/8: Cheese Talk!


The Garden Secret! 5/8: Fenced Off!


The Garden Secret! 6/8: Tortilla Tantrum!


The Garden Secret! 7/8: Bouquet Bonanza!


The Garden Secret! 8/8: Berry Happy!

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