Farmville 2 Quest Guide Talk About Fate

August 17 2021 to August 31 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : August 17 2021

From August 17 2021 to August 31 2021 you can perform quests Talk About Fate.

Hi! Did you hear about the Traveling Carnival? In the carnival spirit, I want to set up a Fortune Teller Stall for the school kids! I came here hoping you would! You're a godsend! You're planting Caper Berries, aren't you? Could you give some to me? I need them for a trade. You can read more about Quest Guide Talk About Fate and hints in the next pictures.

Talk About Fate! 1/8: Good Fortune!


Talk About Fate! 2/8: Cover It Up!


Talk About Fate! 3/8: Fortune Favors!


Talk About Fate! 4/8: Into the Future!


Talk About Fate! 5/8: Small Victories!


Talk About Fate! 6/8: Quench That Thirst!


Talk About Fate! 7/8: Saving The Day!


Talk About Fate! 8/8: Fate Upon Us!

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