Farmville 2 Quest Guide The Jukebox Cafe

July 20 2021 to August 03 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : July 20 2021

From July 20 2021 to August 03 2021 you can perform quests The Jukebox Cafe.

Hey! Did you know we had our very own jukebox cafe back in the day? Yeah! I miss the days when everyone used to gather and make merry at the end of the day! How about we bring back the jukebox cafe for the townsfolk? Will you help me? I have found the perfect spot for our jukebox cafe. Can you gather some extra water to clean it up? You can read more about Quest Guide The Jukebox Cafe and hints in the next pictures.

The Jukebox Cafe! 1/8: Water You Upto?


The Jukebox Cafe! 2/8: Chaired Up!


The Jukebox Cafe! 3/8: Firmly Planted!


The Jukebox Cafe! 4/8: The Jar Story!


The Jukebox Cafe! 5/8: Mango Dreams!


The Jukebox Cafe! 6/8: Cafe And The County!


The Jukebox Cafe! 7/8: Music Box!


The Jukebox Cafe! 8/8: Opening Night!