Farmville 2 Quest Guide Pet Bakery

July 06 2021 to July 20 2021
Farmville2 BgInfo : July 06 2021

From July 06 2021 to July 20 2021 you can perform quests Pet Bakery.

Hey! Everyone’s lining up to buy baked goods from Percy’s Bakery Corner! Yes! But the animals are feeling a little left out! We should do something fun for them. How about some delicious baked mushroom treats for our lovely county animals? Great! I'll need some Hedgehog Mushrooms to begin working on the recipes. You can read more about Quest Guide Pet Bakery and hints in the next pictures.

Pet Bakery! 1/8: At The Hedge!


Pet Bakery! 2/8: Cupcake Frontier!


Pet Bakery! 3/8: Treat & Treat!


Pet Bakery! 4/8: Baked Me Good!


Pet Bakery! 5/8: Baked In Orange!


Pet Bakery! 6/8: Bells Galore!


Pet Bakery! 7/8: The Basket Case!


Pet Bakery! 8/8: Signing Off!


Recipes in quests Pet Bakery

Recipes in Pet Bakery

Badges in quests Pet Bakery

Badges in Pet Bakery
Farmville 2 The Baker's Corner
July 06 2021 to July 20 2021
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